Stacking Rings Knuckle Rings Gothic Ivy 3 rings

Stacking rings knuckle rings gothic ivy 3 rings


  • silver


Stacking Rings Knuckle Ring Midi Ring Gothic Ivy Silver Tone with black enamel inlay

Three ring set , beautiful and adjustable above finger knuckle rings, bright silver tone over brass with hand painted black enamel wash finish. Since these are hand painted, finish may vary a little. These are bright and shiny in person. I have to use my phone for pics while my camera is being cleaned, so they will look brighter silver in person.

This listing is for:
Three rings, all adjustable all of the black ivy pattern. Mix and match with my other sets!

Both open in the back and can adjust down to a size 2 ish up to about a size 4. You can pinch or open the gap of the ring to size. Or leave a note with your order and I will make them custom sized for you.

My midi rings will wear very well. Can wear them stacked together or on different fingers.

Made to order: ships in about 7 business day after you order.

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